Ride-hailing giant Uber has launched a new package delivery service in India called the Uber Connect. The app can be used to deliver things from one place to another, for instance, if you want to send flowers or books to your friend’s house, you can do it through the Uber connect. The service is pretty similar to what Swiggy Genie and Dunzo are already offering in India. It would be interesting to see if Uber Connect matches up to Swiggy Genie and Dunzo. At present, Uber has launched the services only in four cities in India including Gurgaon, Guwahati, Jaipur, and Kolkata. There are certain guidelines that have been listed by the company regarding the services. Uber notes that the item that needs to be delivered should not weigh more than 5kg because it will be transported on a two-wheeler and it should be well-sealed. Items such as drugs, alcohol, and other illegal things hall not be delivered. The Uber Connect service would help people maintain social distancing during the lockdown. Here’s how you can use the Uber Connect —If you don’t have the Uber app yet, download it from the Play Store or App Store. Or if you have the app, update to the latest version. —Once you get the app, you will be able to spot the Uber Connect Uber to require drivers, riders to wear masks around the world. — You will be asked to confirm that your item complies with the terms and conditions of Uber regarding package delivery. — You will get a notification as soon as the rider is allotted to you and when it is arriving to pick up your package. The phone number of the driver will be provided on the app and you can directly contact him for any special pickup or drop-off instructions. —You can also share the status of the driver with the recipient using the Share My Trip feature. This would enable them to keep a track of the delivery and meet the driver to collect the package Uber Connect will face stiff competition from the Swiggy Genie and Dunzo that are already ruling the roost. Swiggy announced the Genie services, days after the lockdown was imposed. On a related note, Uber and other ride-hailing giant Ola got a nod of approval from the MHA to resume services in cities under orange and green zones. *by Ankita Chakravarti via India Today*

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