Gig workers across Nevada can start applying for unemployment insurance starting on Saturday. During a virtual news conference on Thursday, interim director Heather Korbulic said the state’s Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program will be live starting May 16. Applicants will need the following:
  • W2 or 1099
  • Tax returns
  • Pay stubs
  • Bank receipts
  • Billing statements
The Alorica call center, the vendor hired by DETR, will now serve as a hotline specifically for PUA claimants effective May 14 at 8p.m. Korbulic stresses the importance of claimants doing their research prior to filing. Claims will be backdated until the date of eligibility which could be as early as Jan. 27, 2020. Nevada was the last state to launch a portal where rideshare drivers, massage therapists and other independent contractors could receive benefits. A 12-page class-action lawsuit filed by attorney Mark Thierman, on the behalf of two Reno independent contractors against DETR, says that interim director Korbulic and other top officials have caused the plaintiffs irreparable harm. Korbulic, who was appointed to the role just two weeks ago, told News 4 on May 8 that gig workers will be entitled to retroactive benefits when the program is up and running. The department has been inundated with unemployment claims since the pandemic forced nonessential business closures in March. At least 440,000 Nevadans have filed for unemployment in 2020, which is by far the highest number in a calendar year in state history. You can visit DETR’s website by clicking here. There is a new phone number for this as well, but it will not be live until Saturday. The number is 1-800-603-9681. *by Kenzie Margiott via KRNV (NBC3 Nevada)*

One thought on “Nevada gig workers can file for unemployment starting Saturday

  1. Maria says:

    My Unemployment claim in the state of NV, Las Vegas, starting from March 8th was approved back in May. However, payment date is still in progress. Spent hours & days and days on the phone for assistance, they say to wait for the pay day. If anybody in the same position and knows what is going on with the payments/ when it’s going to happen????

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