The Good Samaritans who came to the rescue of an Antioch Uber driver, kidnapped by a passenger at knifepoint, are telling their story to FOX 17 News. The last time Evonne and Dale Bilbrey saw Carolina Vargas was on May 8th. They say she was covered in blood and bruises, missing three teeth while struggling to stand up in the median of Cleveland Highway near Chattanooga. “As I saw her getting her feet up underneath, staggering across the road, I was worried somebody was going to hit this kid,” Dale Bilbrey explained. The couple knew they had to stop to help, but what they didn’t know was that Vargas had just jumped out of her own car. Her passenger is accused of kidnapping her at knifepoint. “I got a towel and wrapped it around her and reassured her she was going to be OK, but she was so afraid the guy was going to come back and kill her, “ Evonne Bilbrey said. The Bilbreys called 911 and stayed with Vargas until the ambulance came. When they found a GoFundMe page set up for her, they decided to check back in. Vargas says she was thrilled to reconnect and welcomed a visit from them in Antioch this past weekend. She wanted the opportunity to thank the people she calls her “guardian angels” in person. Dale and Evonne think of Vargas as their granddaughter. “We don’t have grandkids. Our kids are grown but they’re not married so we don’t have grandkids so I guess now we do and I love it,” Evonne said. The three already have plans to meet again once Vargas recovers, saying they are now bonded for life. *by Nikki Junewicz via*

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