In an effort to help organizations bolster client loyalty and employee engagement, Uber for Business is rolling out vouchers for Uber Eats. The Uber division said the vouchers provide organizations with flexibility over what and how they spend on meal options, letting them make individual and bulk campaigns designed for their needs, according to a blog post. “Providing a top-notch experience for your customers, guests and employees is as crucial as ever, and the smallest gesture can strengthen your client relationships and improve employee engagement,” the blog post said. “As people navigate major changes in lifestyle and adjust to new routines during the COVID-19 pandemic, Uber for Business is continuing to develop new ways for you to treat any guest, employee or client to their favorite meal.” With the offering, organizations can choose the kind of voucher they want to make and select a group name, beginning/end date and internal memo. They can also specify limitations on spending for each order, dates and times, the number of orders and other settings. Those who receive a voucher can click on a link to claim it and use it at checkout. Additionally, for analysis of utilization and total cost, organizations can receive insights into how their staffers and clients utilize vouchers, including meals ordered, total spending and the number of vouchers claimed. Organizations only pay for what recipients spend in a set period of time, according to Uber for Business. Use cases for the voucher include treating clients to lunch, providing meals for remote events, feeding teams going back to work, bolstering staff morale with meals and showing appreciation for guests, according to the company. Uber Eats rolled out its food delivery offering for business in April. The expansion of Uber for Business came after an experimental version of the service debuted in 2018. *via*

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