SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The following is a statement by Edwin Lombard, CEO CA Black Chamber of Commerce on the future of AB5.
Black lives, Black families and Black businesses have been devastated by the triple catastrophes of AB5, COVID-19, and the violent racism that permeates the very institutions we rely on to protect our freedom as Americans. How dare you use the shooting of civilians by police as a political weapon to defend your misguided and disastrous law that has robbed thousands of Californians of their right to earn a living with dignity, respect, and independence. The Black men and women who have chosen to work for themselves are not asking for your “protection” from self-employment. We are not asking for your permission to earn a living as we choose, by starting a business for ourselves or control our own future as an independent contractor. We’re tired of paternalistic institutions that purport to “protect” us while enabling, defending, and propagating the systemic racism that has cost so many Black lives. AB5 has already crushed thousands of Black businesses and will keep more from operating in the Gig Economy. Nearly a million Californians would lose jobs, opportunities, and independence if the future of AB5 were up to you. If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that people who lost jobs during this economic downturn realized they could work from home as independent contractors, make more money and spend more time with their loved ones. We’re not asking for your help or misguided protection. Just open the door and let us help ourselves. Sincerely, Edwin Lombard President and Chief Executive Officer California Black Chamber of Commerce  
Edwin Lombard (916) 524-8070

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