Uber and Lyft Driver Headline News (weekend edition):

  • The most contested question in the gig economy may be how much workers earn, since their hourly wages can be widely uneven. Concerns about pay have helped fuel moves in California and New York City to regulate gig-economy companies as if they were more like conventional employers.  Last week brought evidence that drivers for Uber and Lyft may be much better compensated than previously understood. But it hardly settled the debate.  A study by researchers at Cornell University found that the typical driver in Seattle made over $23 per hour after expenses during one week last fall. Previous studies for other areas had put net earnings well below $20 per hour. Another new study put the figure at less than half that… [READ FULL ARTICLE]
  • Food delivery startup Postmates considered going it alone. In the end, the startup sold to Uber for $2.65 billion rather than sell shares via an initial public offering. Why sell rather than try to become your own company?… [READ FULL ARTICLE]
  • Uber riders leave an average tip of just 7%. And that’s just for the riders who leave tips — 95% of them don’t. Drivers make less than $1 an hour in tips.  This same survey found that more than 50% of drivers earn less than $10 an hour after factoring in hourly car expenses. So, a little help from tips would be greatly appreciated. The bottom line is that both Uber and Lyft simply do not charge riders enough to compensate drivers fairly. In exchange for the ultra-cheap fares, which are around half of taxi fares in most cities, it wouldn’t hurt for more passengers to fork over a couple of bucks in tips. Drivers really appreciate it… [READ FULL ARTICLE]
  • Ride-hailing in the Bay Area looks a little different now — for the handful of folks who are venturing to use it during the coronavirus pandemic.  Starting Thursday morning, Uber added its name-your-price feature for Bay Area drivers. It was already in use in Southern California and Sacramento, and will be statewide by the end of the day, the San Francisco company said… [READ FULL ARTICLE]
  • There are two main reasons the researchers found Lyft and Uber electric car drivers cut so much pollution, the first of which is well known, but the second of which is seldom considered… [READ FULL ARTICLE]

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