Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig workers news:

This week we discuss Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, CaresAct/HeroesAct, Round 2 current status.  Uber is pulling a “Lyft” requiring all drivers in U.S. and Canada to complete sexual assault and misconduct training which will consist of 6 videos, driver background checks putting accounts on temporary suspension due to COVID19 shutdowns, California Uber and Lyft Drivers are “employees” according to a preliminary injunction, the injunction was given a 10 day “stay” status to allow Uber and Lyft to appeal, Uber and Lyft will be appealing injunction in coming days, AB5, Proposition 22, California November Ballot, and a whole bunch of other lawsuits flying around the Golden State. Prepare your mind because this episode of the podcast is going to twist it in all directions.

NEXT WEEK: we will discuss the status of the cares/heroes act extension of PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) for Rideshare Drivers and Gig Workers.

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