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This week on the podcast: Pandemic Unemployment Assistance temporary measures to be enforced by FEMA per Executive Orders, waiting on House/Senate to hash out a real solution, LYFT has teamed up with the National School Boards Association by giving $100,000 in essential rides for families in school districts around the country, California deadline for Rideshare Giants: Uber and Lyft to make drivers employees by Thursday August 20th, Uber and Lyft say they will either temporarily suspend operations in California or move into a “Franchise Model” until the November Ballot Proposition 22 has been voted on, According to Reuters UberEats will continue operations beyond Thursday even if Rideshare stops in the state until after the November Ballot, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan to introduce legislation to city council at the end of this month that would require Uber and Lyft to pay a minimum floor wage of $16.39, Lyft responds “unworkable” & “misguided regulation”, Uber responded pointing out the failures in early 2019 trying this same thing in New York City and the negative effects it has had on drivers earnings and flexibility, & all the challenges these Rideshare companies and its drivers face during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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One thought on “Rideshare Rodeo Podcast #18 |PUA-2, LYFT Allowing Minors, & California Rideshare Situation

  1. Anthony says:

    Lyft allowing minors, when do start?

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