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This week on the podcast:The House/Senate failed to extend PUA so FEMA steps in to help with a temporary band aid, California Gig Worker Law AB5, Uber and Lyft avoided enforcing the new law, California gave them deadline of last Thursday to make workers employees, Lyft made statement that day they would be ceasing operations in California until after November 3rd vote, Proposal 22, California gave them another “stay” until mid-October, 500,000 Gig workers will be effected by outcome of Prop22 so learn the details and make sure you vote on it, Uber is facing 4 major lawsuits between now and mid-November, Rideshare Giants are not doing anything during this Pandemic to help drivers, and not helping drivers or passengers regarding safety, AltoRides.com getting ready to step into California classifying drivers as “employee” using the very controversial “Franchise Model”, Other companies keeping their eye on California Rideshare are: DiDi, Waymo, Bolt, GETT, and others, Former Uber Security Chief Joe Sullivan charged with concealing hacks of 57 million users, Chicago teen sentenced to 27 years for killing Uber Driver with a Machete when she was 16 years old… I am already taking honey and drinking tea to make sure my voice is better by next weeks Rideshare Rodeo Podcast!

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One thought on “Rideshare Rodeo Podcast #19 | Partial PUA & Rideshare Lawsuits

  1. Michael says:

    Agree the mask issue is becoming a big problem between people wearing masks and those not wearing masks. School bullying at schools has already become a problem at schools back in session. Enjoy the podcast appreciate you.

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