rideshare rodeo episode 21

Rideshare & Gig Economy News:

Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig workers weekly news:  This week we play place the category header on the corresponding Uber story: Bogus PR Stunts, False Promises, Collusion, and Wild Card. Russian company ‘Yandex’ teams up with Uber Autonomy division in full merger, Uber announces United Kingdom car rental partnership with CarTrawler while awaiting final appeal court decision, Uber promises VTOL by 2023 & 100% Electric by 2030 or 2040… what’s 10 years when your making the dates up to begin with, Uber passenger mask requirements will be introduced end of month (WEAK!).  GreenPal, “the Uber of lawn care”, launches in Wisconsin.  Chicago man shot while driving UberEats.  Man jumps out of Lyft window on I-95 and dies.  Atlanta Police still searching for Lyft driver that beat up a passenger.  California Attorney General plans to go after delivery and grocery apps once it is finished with Uber/Lyft Lawsuit, and California Proposition 22 outcome.  $300/week pandemic aid Executive Order carried out be FEMA, payments to begin next week if you are making $100+ on state Unemployment Insurance, big problems in many states started today though with Labor Departments dropping Rideshare and Gig workers claims to under $100 if state minimum allows it, stay on top of your states status via UberLyftDrivers.com.  Have a great week, and see y’all next Tuesday, Peace!

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One thought on “Rideshare Rodeo Podcast #21 | States Hate Gig Workers, But They Need Us!

  1. passive driver says:

    Washington is screwing around with our FEMA aid program too, wtf?

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