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Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:  This week we discuss the UBER autonomous vehicle that struck and killed an Arizona woman in 2018 and why the driver is now being sued for “negligent homicide”, UBER’s final appeal to stay a TNC Rideshare company in London will have a final ruling on September 28th from the Judge hearing their final appeal, UBER fully electric by 2030 or just another UBER PR stunt, an evil gig company has emerged and their name is “CiVVL” who are hiring gig workers as “Eviction Crews”, UberPool is back but this time they are doing things differently and maybe even correctly– wait did I just say that– hmmm, Instacart competitor Dumpling is looking to enter and the rideshare game to take on the giants (Uber/Lyft), Is Tesla looking to take over UBER?  Is UBER opposed?  How would a Tesla take over look and would it work?  The U.S. Department of Labor proposed a rule that would define workers as employees or Independent Contractors through a test of their own.   Interview with co-founder/CEO James Fakhoury on his new gig startup company BidBudApp.com based in Tacoma, Washington.

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