JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Starting Thursday, September 24, if a driver reports to Uber that a rider wasn’t wearing a mask, the rider will be required to take a selfie with their face covered before they’re able to take another trip with Uber. In May, Uber announced their “No Mask. No Ride.” policy. All users (riders, drivers and delivery people) are required to wear a mask or face cover during a trip. Since implementing the policy in May, more than 1,250 riders have had their access to the Uber app removed after multiple reports from drivers. Users who repeatedly violate the policy will continue to risk losing access to the app. “99.5% of our trips have actually had no complaints. That tells us that the community has come together with the company taking a strong stance of “No mask, no ride.” So by in large everyone has been coming together and wearing a mask to make sure safety is a top priority” said Uber’s project manager for safety and insurance Akankshu Dhawan. Uber says if the driver submits a complaint that someone on a group trip didn’t have a mask then the account holder will be responsible for everyone in the vehicle. Uber also provides free PPE for all drivers and say they will continue to do so – as well as enforce the new mask policy for as long as the pandemic resumes. *by Gary Burton via XJTV.com*

One thought on “Uber releases new mask policy for riders

  1. Phil says:

    I canceled a ride Thursday for passenger not wearing mask. I moved to side waiting for next ping. It was the same passenger. Canceled again. Stayed waiting for ping. Within 2 minutes another Uber drove up and the passenger with no mask got in and driver drove away. How is this passenger face masks required?

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