An Uber driver drove customers from the Bronx all the way to Florida, only to find out he was initially getting paid for just two hours of his long-distance trip.
The Federation of Taxi Drivers spoke out Sunday out and pointed the finger at the city.
Eli Talvy was supposed to get paid $2,500 for his trip from Riverdale to Vero Beach, Florida.
Fernando Mateo, of the state Federation of Taxi Drivers says instead, he earned less than $200.
Mateo spoke out Sunday, about one week after Talvy made the 18-hour trip. His passengers tipped him hundreds of dollars after finding out what happened.
Talvy, desperately seeking his money from Uber, was initially told the trip was not eligible for an adjustment because he had exceeded a trip limit of 10 consecutive hours in a 24-hour span — without a break.
Uber authorized him to make the trip, so once he got authorization, he left.
Uber tells News 12 it only follows regulations put in place by New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, which imposes that limit for driver safety.
The state Federation of Taxi Divers says it’s unfair.
Mateo says the city’s regulations are causing drivers to lose out on an abundance of customers who’d rather pay for a ride rather than a flight due to COVID-19.
Uber finally gave him the money a week later. A spokesman wrote, “We spoke to the driver to apologize for this inconvenience and to let him know that he has been paid in full.”
News 12 reached out to TLC for a statement on this story and is waiting to hear back.
When News 12 asked Uber why it would authorize the driver to start that trip, the company said it was looking into this further.

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