Imagine this. It’s 10:00 on a Tuesday night, you’re starving, and you need food. You’ve had a long day and it’s pouring down with rain outside. We’ve all been there, and the answer is simple: order food for delivery. But who do you want delivering the food? It is time to put the two most popular food delivery services to the test. The Ultimate Food Delivery showdown: Uber Eats vs. DoorDash. For this matchup, we looked at all aspects of the services. Which one brings the food the quickest? Is the food still warm on arrival? Which delivery service has nicer drivers? Two orders were made to be delivered to the L apartments on the GVU campus on a Tuesday night from Wingstop. A small meal of six wings, some fries and a drink were on the way. The most important thing is the time it takes for the food to get to a customer’s door because college kids need their food quick, they tend to get hangry otherwise. At 10 p.m. Uber Eats and DoorDash began their race. Uber Eats was set to be first on the scene in 40 minutes after the order was placed, whereas the food arrived at 10:46 p.m., a whole nine minutes before DoorDash decided to enlighten us with their presents. The Uber Eats guy was there waiting for me outside when I walked out and said nothing other than are you Ernest? He handed me the well wrapped paper bag and drove off at once. When the DoorDash guy arrived however was nice. He asked how my day was and made sure to tell me to have a good night and enjoy my meal, he might’ve just been nice, or he was trying to cover up the fact he was late. Uber Eats already had a massive average (advantage?) to start the night by winning the first race but DoorDash was still in with a shot. Both food packaging’s had not been damaged and both had all the food in them meaning there was nothing to complain about, yet. Now the food. The wings for both meals were still at a warm comfortable temperature for consumption and the drinks were filled all the way to the top. The difference in the food were the fries. Nobody likes cold fries and Uber Eats understood that by arriving in swift time and the fries they delivered still had some warmth to them. DoorDash gave us cold fried sliced potatoes. This ultimately didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the meal because the fries at Wingstop are so good it does not matter but this shows how important it is to be as fast as possible in this game, as long as you bring all the food. The first round saw DoorDash trailing Uber Eats by five car lengths. DoorDash has a lot of ground to make up but can still win this best out of three. Delivery. Showdown. The second round was held on Friday night to see who the best food delivery service is under the bright lights and who can deliver under the clutch. What better to order on a Friday night than McDonalds. At 9:00 p.m. Friday, the timer began to see which meal was going to be delivered first. Uber Eats predicted it was going to arrive in 39 minutes whereas DoorDash was set to take 43 minutes. The Uber Eats again arrived first at 9:38 p.m. and then the DoorDash arrived at 9:40 p.m. DoorDash shaved more time off their predicted arrival time, but Uber Eats had again won the race and things were not looking good for DoorDash. Both delivery guys this time did not say a word to me when I picked up my food, which was kind of sad, guess they didn’t care if I was going to enjoy my food or not. Both paper bags hadn’t been damaged at all and all the food was inside. The food and drink were both contained in this large paper bag from McDonald’s, which they seem to make themselves. The burgers were almost identical in taste and at about room temperature and the fries were below that, and it made me think I should not order McDonalds to be delivered ever again. The winner of the Ultimate Food Delivery showdown was Uber Eats, winning both races and keeping their early lead all the way through to the end. Doordash’s delivery guys seemed to be more friendly. However, it is fair to say that Uber Eats has the upper hand on Door Dash on time and getting all your food to you quickest, which is the most important thing. *By Ernest Docker via Viewfinder Media*

2 thoughts on “Delivery Showdown: Uber Eats vs. DoorDash

  1. Agreed Jake! It is absolutely a market to market variance. I just found it interesting.

  2. Jake says:

    An interesting contest, but not sure that only a few tries can be considered as a final judgment on which service is better . Especially since each service might be completely different in other markets besides this particular one .

    I’ve had both good and bad experiences with each service . Also, there were some obvious spelling and grammar mistakes here, so this wasn’t edited very well.
    This makes it less enjoyable for me to read. That’s just my opinion…

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