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Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:  This week we talk Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Clawbacks!   States worked around Unemployment Insurance systems with PUA implemented systems.   These systems were NOT tested properly.    These systems were designed by different private sector companies.    These systems have been problematic in most states.   Now these systems are changing benefits and clawing back money from those who optimized them during the COVID19 pandemic.   Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said today that Uber is looking at options in case Proposition 22 fails in California on November 3rd, the front runner option is Uber will stop operating in California if they are forced to make drivers employees.    Uber’s self-driving car killed a person two and a half years ago in Arizona, so why isn’t Uber being charged?   A bigger question remains, why is the safety driver being charged without Uber representing her?   Uber is finally following the advise of our podcast and trying to get rid of Autonomous, VTOL (Vertical Take Off Landing) vehicles, Elevate, and other money pits it has thrown multi-millions of dollars at for years!    Next week we have Dumpling Co-founder/Co-CEO Joel Shapiro on the podcast to discuss the difference in their model compared to Instacart, allowing people to make their own business presence, and their venture into the rideshare game.

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