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Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:  This week we have Co-Founder/Co-CEO, Joel Shapiro from Dumpling.   We discuss the perks of the Dumpling platform and its differences from platforms like Instacart.   Dumpling is an honest, full transparency, gig platform!   The Dumpling Story: A single, relentless question put us on the path that led to building dumpling: What can we do to help more people gain greater control, autonomy, and flexibility over the way they work?  When we set out to find an answer, we didn’t know we’d eventually be taking on the gig economy. But that’s where the question led – directly to the thousands of independent contractors who felt underpaid, exploited, and taken for granted by on-demand grocery delivery apps. We realized that the only thing standing between these workers and the ability to start their own personal shopping and delivery companies was access to the right technology. So we built it for them. Now instead of a relentless question, we have a clear mission: To make small business ownership available to anyone who wants it. We’re proud to build the tools that empower anyone to start, run, and grow their own local, service-based business. Thousands of small businesses across 50 states already use dumpling to serve their communities, providing a higher caliber of service to clients and keeping local dollars in local economies. And every single one of those small business owners has greater control, autonomy, and flexibility over the way they work today.

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2 thoughts on “Rideshare Rodeo Podcast #28 | Dumpling’s Delightful For Gig Workers!

  1. Utah For Hire says:

    How many shoppers are in Salt Lake City?

  2. KTrideshare says:

    I stopped working Instacart months ago. After listening to this podcast and looking at their website I am setting up a Dumpling business. Thumbs up interview.

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