An Uber Driver has exposed his worst passengers after recording hundreds of hours of behind the scenes footage. Darren Levy, has been uploading videos for the past three years of his experience working for the ride share service in Melbourne. He shares the highs and lows of the job on social media, under his Youtube account ‘DarrenLevyOfficial.’ The footage shows passengers doing the ‘walk of shame’, drunkenly dancing and eating in his car. One video shows the sneaky tactics used by a group of drunk revellers trying to sneak an extra passenger into his car. Footage shows a group of girls get into the back, with one apologising for eating a kebab. In the back of the shot a man can be seen through windscreen trying to pop open the boot. The girls eventually ask the driver to open the boot, while one leans into the centre console area to block the driver’s view. When the boot is slammed shut, the driver hops out and opens it to find one of their friends hiding inside. During the same trip one of the passengers in the back asks the driver to pull over so she can vomit in the gutter. Later a very happy man named Peter is seen dancing up a storm in the front seat after leaving a club with three women in tow. Another video titled ‘my worst Uber passengers yet’ shows passengers sharing stories from their nights out and taking selfies with the driver. In the clip two men enter the car, with one of them repeatedly offering their driver a beer. Darren also discusses the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers in Australia, leaving his German passengers flabbergasted. At the end he speaks directly to the camera to reveal the absolute worst experience. ‘The reality of it is being an Uber driver has its downsides too,’ he said. He then described kicking out a group of girls who were spitting water at each other in the back of the car. ‘You have got to take the good with the bad. Over 1800 trips and only one really cra**y experience. ‘Recently I gave a lift to three girls who were quite possibly the most disrespectful people I have ever been forced to be in the company of,’ he said. ‘Then they spilt their drinks in my car so I had to spend like an hour cleaning this cr** up,’ he said. ‘As they were getting out of the car they tried to make me feel bad for ending the trip early.’ He also revealed a type of passenger he referred to as the ‘con artist’ – people who would get into his car without having booked a trip. Other clips show encounters with very friendly passengers who reveal candid confessions from their nights out. Darren Levy shares his stories across social media accounts on Youtube, Instagram and Tik Tok. His most popular videos have more than 4million views, and he has 875,000 subscribers. *By Louise Ayling via Daily Mail Australia*

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