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Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:   This week we have Bryant Greening from Legal Rideshare (LegalRideshare.com) on the podcast to discuss issues ALL drivers and gig workers need to know about proper insurance, dash cams, 3 phases of working rideshare, grocery, and delivery, what to do if you are in an accident, injured, lost wages, and more…  Proposition 22 passed in California, meaning drivers can remain Independent Contractors, now we will see how it is enacted and will Uber live up to its promises regarding 120% minimum wage (while working, not while waiting) and Health Insurance stipends!   Uber you are on the line now to follow through on that portion.

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3 thoughts on “Rideshare Rodeo Podcast #30 | Driver, Gig Worker Must Knows!

  1. Phillip Macon says:

    Good info, thank you.

  2. JP Lyft says:

    Commercial insurance was way more than $20/month just a couple years ago.I guess I need to shop around now.Thank you.

  3. kt says:


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