How many years have we been saying that Uber Autonomous is simply wasted money, and that selling off the division is necessary to ever turn a profit?   Well, after many small moves, it appears that they are on a path to making this a reality!   See articles below:
  • Uber is in talks to sell its autonomous vehicle unit to startup competitor Aurora Innovation, TechCrunch reported. If it comes to pass, the sale of Uber Advanced Technologies Group (UberATG), would mark the end of a bumpy road for a division of Uber that was valued at $7.25 billion as recently as last July, but which has been plagued with ongoing problems….. [Read full article on The Verge]
  • Shedding Uber ATG would follow a string of spin-offs or other deals in recent months that has narrowed Uber’s focus and costs into core areas of ride-hailing and delivery. Two years ago, Uber’s business model could be described as an “all of the above approach,” a bet on generating revenue from all forms of transportation, including ride-hailing, micromobility, logistics, package and food delivery and someday even autonomous robotaxis….. [Read full article on TechCrunch]
  • Since then, Aurora has expanded to 150 employees in Pittsburgh and recently announced it is moving its headquarters from Lawrenceville to the Strip District this spring. Aurora, which partners with Fiat Chrysler, also has offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Calif., and Bozeman, Mont….. [Read full article on Post-Gazette]
  • So it would make sense that Uber’s looking to wash its hands of ATG, and not just for financial reasons. Several incidents, including a deadly crash in 2018, exposed serious flaws in the technology powering Uber’s self-driving vehicles and left its public image in tatters. The branch’s former head, Anthony Levandowski, was also fired amid a massive legal battle between Uber and Google’s self-driving segment, Waymo, over stolen technology. He was later sentenced to 18 months in prison for trade secret theft….. [Read full article on Gizmodo]
  • The risk and uncertainty in developing self-driving tech has been evident in the history of Uber ATG, which includes the death of a pedestrian and its former self-driving lead receiving an 18 month sentence for stealing tech from his former employer, Waymo. Both companies declined to comment on the reports….. [Read full article on Engadget] & Questions, Comments, Concerns Please post in comments below

4 thoughts on “Uber Finally Getting Serious About Dumping Their Failed Autonomous Division

  1. opinion question i understand says:

    do you think should you buy uber stock now or after they sell off driverless for over $7 billion?

  2. Felicia Dugan says:

    After all the years of losses and scandals in autonomous it’s a miracle Uber could find a potential buyer at 7.25 Billion. Must wonder if it’s a real offer?

  3. Phillip Macon says:

    What is Uber doing? Trying to makes profit?

  4. Tim Garafalo says:

    Took too long for this to happen.

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