Even with all the hype around autonomous vehicles, we’re still in the very early stages of a rollout. While most of the attention is being paid to the Waymos and Zooxes of the world that are trying to build fully autonomous passenger vehicles on public roads, there’s an entirely separate category being created: off-road. These are similarly autonomous vehicles that are mostly all-electric. But they don’t ride on public roads. Instead, they’re in shipping yards, distribution warehouses, mining operations, on campuses and in farming. It’s underappreciated how big that shift could be. In this episode, Shayle Kann talks with Alisyn Malek, the executive director of the Commission on the Future of Mobility. She is also the founder and CEO of Middle Third, a boutique consultancy focused on mobility strategy. We’ll hear from Alisyn about the state of the technology, different applications, regulatory hurdles and the near-term promise for deployment. *By Stephen Lacey, Green Tech Media*

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