Uber was in charge of rekindling hope for the users who do everything to protect themselves from criminals, in the face of violence in Mexico and the incompetence of the authorities, through the new function called “Ellas” in Mexico, which already operated in regions such as Argentina. DiDi will do the same. The role enables female drivers accept trips only from female users identified, for the moment in Guadalajara, although they said it would be enabled in nine other cities in the country. Now its competitor DiDi launched a new mode of operation in Mexico, with which the drivers of the platform will be able to choose to travel only with women. The company had also tried this modality in other countries, but it is until now that they decided to launch it in Mexico and it could be due to the response that Uber has obtained after its announcement. In fact, we previously reported that the idea presented by a user of Twitter, endorsed by other women, asks the app that not only female drivers can choose to travel only with women, but female travelers themselves can choose only female drivers and it went viral. Now DiDi responds, attentive to the digital conversation, and announces the same function, the drivers will choose to travel only with women if they want to and the strategy is the same as that of Uber, orient the issue away from cases of violence, they put it as female empowerment. The company told the media that both Brazil and China have seen good results and that they want to increase the number of women on the platform as much as possible. Currently in China, 21 percent of female drivers in the market are single mothers, 32 percent are heads of household and 5 percent are entrepreneurs. In the Brazilian market, on the other hand, 6 percent of its employees are women, of which 67 percent are heads of the family. Meanwhile, in Mexico, women have a 4.3 percent share of the total number of drivers on the mobility platform. More of 60 percent of them own the vehicles they drive, for 33 percent DiDi is an additional source of income. The pilot test of the proposal will be carried out in Mexico City, Puebla, Monterrey and in total in eight cities. Lady Driver or LauDrive They must improve their infrastructure to fully compete with the larger apps, but they can still do so, since both Uber and DiDi offer that the drivers choose, but they do not yet provide the requested option that the passengers can also access that option. *By Explica.co*

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