As London grows more congested, the local government is in a constant race to keep the city livable and improve air quality. In recent years, the City of London and TfL have been encouraging people to meander towards more environmentally friendly means of travel. The daily ULEZ and Congestion Charges have not exactly been the most popular measures, but they’ve had arguably the most dramatic effect – an effect that can not only be felt in Central London’s traffic but also on the way individual drivers and companies have started to think about their cars and fleets. Just a few years after introducing these fees, today several allies are fighting alongside the city administration to make London a healthier place.

Uber is the latest to declare war on air pollution in London

As part of their Clean Air Plan – Uber’s commitment to becoming the world’s first fully-electric rideshare platform by 2040 – the rideshare giant proposed to convert its entire London fleet to electric by 2025, thus appointing the British capital as the poster child of the project.

Discounted EV prices and further benefits for Uber drivers

Since Uber cars are all privately owned, the announcement also brought forward a series of incentives for Uber drivers, and Uber also relies heavily on third-party vehicle providers to supply the large volume of EVs necessary for carrying out the ambitious plan. Splend, one of Uber’s vehicle provider partners supporting the initiative was happy to help explain what the Clean Air Plan is all about and how drivers can benefit.

The Clean Air Fund is like a savings account that grows as you drive

Uber charges its riders 15p per mile on top of the normal fares for every trip in London, invoiced as Clean Air Fees. This money goes into the Clean Air Fund, and each driver can track how much their work has contributed in real-time. They can later use the accumulated sum to buy a new electric car through one of the partner car suppliers that Uber refers to as Approved Dealers. Drivers are eligible to buy a new electric car once they have contributed at least at £1,000 in Clean Air Fees.

What happens after a driver upgrades to an electric car?

Uber charges riders the Clean Air Fee regardless of the type of car they travel with. From their point of view, it’s a contribution to keep London’s air healthy to breathe. Once a driver upgrades to an EV, regardless if they do so via the Clean Air Fund or otherwise, they’ll continue to receive the additional 15p/mile as a bonus. The fee applies to all Uber products including UberX, XL, and Access. And there’s no cap to these earnings – the more trips a driver makes, the more they earn in Clean Air Fees.

About Splend

Splend is a PCO car rental provider. They offer eco-friendly and affordable cars, as well as training and dedicated support to get you started as an Uber driver and help you focus on earning an income. They’ve helped students, retirees, former refugees, and single parents find work they love, which fits their lifestyle. As Rent to buy specialists they can set you up with a brand-new or new-model car and you can put your weekly payments toward owning it, without a large down payment or locking you into a long-term contract. *By Cars UK*

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