A Manchester mother has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child after police say she hired a Lyft driver to take her 3-year-old to day care and later left her urine-soaked baby strapped in a carrier near a heater. Stephanie Goddu, 35, was arrested Friday evening after she initially barricaded herself in her home when police arrived, according to a news release. Police said their investigation began last Wednesday when officers were notified that Goddu’s two young children had not been picked up from day care. The child care center’s employees told police that they could not contact Goddu by phone and that Goddu also has a 3-month-old baby. Officers went to Goddu’s home that day to check on her and the baby. They said the woman appeared “incoherent and disoriented” and had trouble answering questions. Officers found the baby in a carrier seat and “covered in urine,” the release said. The carrier was within six feet of a heater, and the baby was wrapped in heavy clothing and a blanket, in danger of overheating, the officers feared. In investigating the case, police later learned that last Monday, Goddu had hired a Lyft driver to take her 3-year-old child to day care. The child arrived safely but unaccompanied by an adult, police said. According to police, the charge of endangerment arose both from the Lyft ride and the condition of the infant. Because Goddu did not initially surrender to police Friday when they came to her home, she also was charged with resisting arrest. *By Shawne Wickham, New Hampshire Union Leader*

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  1. Frisco Frank says:

    pure trash people. she knew she did wrong too since she did not turn herself in. trash!

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