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Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:     This week I have Larry, from Lyfting With Larry Podcast.   Larry has a unique podcast in that he interviews passengers about their lives and how they met.   Larry is a very well known rideshare driver in Bowling Green, Kentucky.    Passengers who have never had Larry as their driver try to get him in that market.     Other passengers have had many rides with Larry.     One thing for sure, he is a positive and upbeat driver who has made a name for himself in his market.

Mask up y’all~   *REMEMBER: we are NOT out of this yet!!!*

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One thought on “Rideshare Rodeo Podcast #45 | Lyfting With Larry

  1. Paul Michael says:

    I have over 7k rides and have never had a passenger twice. Really cool people are able to get Larry where he lives.

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