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Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:     This week I have Ron Walter from EntreCourier.com on the show to discuss app-based delivery platforms.   Ron runs a website for app-based delivery gig workers, he also has a podcast which has been on hiatus that is coming back soon.   We discuss a 3 year timeline.   The platforms, the changes, the pandemic, and ideas to make the platforms better for gig workers.   This is part one of a two part show, part two will be a live podcast on April 13th at 6pm mountain time (MST).   Please join us on the date and get in the discussion with delivery gig workers from different markets.   I will post a link on all social media platforms to the live podcast so everyone can ask questions, or even join the conversation with us.

Mask up y’all~   *REMEMBER: we are NOT out of this yet!!!*

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