Luxury rideshare and delivery service Alto is quickly gaining ground around Texas. The budding brand launched service in Houston last year, establishing itself as the gold standard in upscale rideshare and concierge delivery services. Founded in 2018, Alto is the first employee-based, on-demand rideshare company. Rapidly becoming a juggernaut in the industry, Alto aims to capitalize on three things that their competition often lacks: proven safety measures (including cleanliness and enhanced sanitation), consistency and exceptional hospitality. With a dedicated fleet of five-star, crash-rated SUVs and a team of fully employed, rigorously-vetted (and uniformed) drivers, Alto has brought its elevated experience to Houston. Alto sets itself apart by concentrating on delivering the highest quality rideshare experience. Alto aims to provide the most personalized passenger experience on the market today. Gone are the days looking for your driver and wondering what you’ll get as your ride rounds the corner. Alto takes the guesswork out of the equation with clearly branded, luxury vehicles. App-based controls allow for customization of an otherwise consistent experience, including music selection, “Do Not Disturb” preferences, and more. “You can feel confident knowing that anytime you request an Alto, it will be the same great experience down to the vehicle model, amenities and exceptional service,” says Alto CMO Stephanie Swingle. “Even the Alto signature scent is consistent throughout the entire fleet.” From pickup to destination, Alto riders are pampered with spotless luxury vehicles and special touches like complimentary branded water bottles, charging cables and umbrellas. Professionals on the go can stay productive through their commutes with in-vehicle Wi-Fi.

A Safer Rideshare

While Alto’s luxury experience sets it apart within the category, the company was built around another, more important differentiator: safety. In contrast to troubling reports among competitors, Alto commits to driver and passenger safety by employing its drivers (rather than using contractors), conducting extensive driver training and background checks and tracking each trip. “We’re doing things differently at Alto with our W2 employee drivers at the core of our rideshare experience, allowing us to prioritize safety and consistency at a time when it’s more important than ever,” Alto CEO Will Coleman says.

Alto’s Clean Pledge

As an extension of its commitment to safety,  Alto is setting the standard for cleanliness in the ridesharing industry. Its luxury fleets undergo daily service checks, deep cleaning procedures, and between-ride cleanings with EPA-registered disinfectants. Our vehicles have arrived consistently spotless, which has been a welcome change from traditional rideshare. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alto mobilized new safety measures across its company-owned fleet, including the installation of plexiglass barriers between the driver and passenger compartments and  HEPA cabin air filters, which remove 99.9 percent of airborne particles.

Your New Personal Assistant – Alto Delivery

In addition to establishing itself as the pandemic-friendly rideshare, Alto launched a new service this year: concierge shopping and delivery. “We launched shopping and delivery to better serve the quickly-changing needs of our passengers,” Swingle says. “Our goal is to make running errands or requesting delivery as seamless as riding with Alto.” Customers can request anything through the “Delivery” section of the app, including groceries, meals, shopping, package delivery and more. Trips are charged based on shopping time and mileage, and costs for any items purchased are passed through to the customer without a markup. “Think of it as your personal assistant on-demand,” Swingle says. “We can shop for you, purchase items you need and deliver anything from dry cleaning to a special meal.” After upping the rideshare game across the state of Texas, the rapidly expanding company has plans to bring its elevated rideshare experience to the national market in the near future. This is the future of rideshare – a better, more comfortable, more convenient and safer rideshare.

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