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Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:     This week I have Mourad on the show, he is a London Uber Driver and Blogger.   We discuss all the news surrounding rideshare in London in this interview.    Facial recognition deactivations.   London’s Supreme Court ruling making Uber drivers “workers” and what that means.   We also discuss some very big issues that are not being discussed or making news we are reading about the changes in London.    There are 70,000 Uber drivers in the United Kingdom, 40,000 of them work in the London and surrounding area alone! Mask up y’all~   *REMEMBER: we are NOT out of this yet!!!*

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3 thoughts on “Rideshare Rodeo Podcast #51 | London Uber Driver “Worker” Status Explained

  1. Thurman says:

    My feeling is worker. Not employee. This will be Uber’s way of not hiring any drivers. Big cities like London will be problem if rideshare becomes hard to get ride.

  2. JJ says:

    Lots of interesting info. I’ll be looking forward to a follow up podcast on ‘worker’ status. The facial recognition conversation was surprising

  3. Matty B Driving says:

    Great interview. These are the same type of tactics Uber will use to avoid the “employee” classification. The “re-onboarding” of drivers who have not driven recently.

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