Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:     This week we cover a range of topics. 1) WAYMO: “I don’t think it was supposed to do that,” Johnson said with a laugh. “Oh no. Now it’s blocking the entire road.” When the roadside assistance team did arrive, the car sprang into motion again and drove down the road before stopping at an intersection and blocking three lanes of traffic. 2) UBER: Uber driver says gender is the reason she was removed from the platform, and there is audio proof. 3) DELIVERY PLATFORM MERGERS: The app disqualifies drivers with either one recent major driving violation or multiple recent minor driving violations. Adams reached out to Checkr, the background check company Uber uses, to correct the error but hasn’t heard back yet. 4) ALGORITHM COURT RULING: The Amsterdam Court was asked to determine to what extent the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) could protect individuals from unfair automated decision-making, specifically, individuals have the right to certain protections from automated decisions which create negative effects but are carried out without meaningful human intervention. On 14 April 2021 the Court of Amsterdam ordered that Uber Technologies Inc.reinstate drivers dismissed by an algorithm in the UK. 5) BIDEN’S PRIMARY PROAct OBSTACLE: The Biden administration made a rule that Independent Contractors must be employees unless they pass the three prongs of the “ABC”, which was adopted from California’s failed new law AB5, which has ruined hundreds of thousands ability to earn. The move stands to throw a wrench in the business models of companies like Uber and DoorDash. The problem is it affects 59 million workers (a.k.a. 36% of the U.S. workforce). The big problem here is that Biden has also partnered with Uber and Lyft to get people to be vaccinated, causing a clear conflict of interest. “Whenever wealthy corporations with big lobbying operations secure a deal like this, we need to take a hard look at whether there were improper influence efforts involved,” said Delaney Marsco, ethics legal counsel for the Washington-based nonprofit Campaign Legal Center.

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    End the autonomous live testing!

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