Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:     This week I talk about California’s new electric car mandate placed on Uber and Lyft, problem is it is 9 years away.   Rideshare drivers being attacked and killed in record numbers, and a Colorado driver has a passenger take their mask off during ride while coughing, when the driver asks the passenger if they have COVID19(?).   The Biden administration faces a huge hurdle regarding the PROAct, especially since they are in bed with Uber and Lyft.   Passengers are back in droves, drivers are not, when will drivers come back to rideshare?   Chicago City Council plans to introduce an ordinance requiring companies licensed as “transportation network providers” to charge no more than 150% of their “current regular fare” even during snowstorms and other high demand “surge” periods.

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One thought on “Tip Your Rideshare Drivers! [episode #58]

  1. Paul-e says:

    love the podcast! interested to see how that chicago vote on capping prices goes, keep up the good work.

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