We have been following the passenger come-back to the rideshare platforms.   The problem is we are not seeing drivers come back.    This is causing a real problem for Uber and other rideshare companies nationwide~~~~>
  • Boston Globe:   Ride-hailing companies are grappling with a nationwide shortage of drivers. The number of US-based drivers logging into Uber during the first three months of 2021 was down 37.5 percent year over year, according to data from Apptopia, a Boston-based market intelligence service. Lyft saw a 42.3 percent drop over the same period…. [read full article]
  • ABC8 Las Vegas:   “It is crazy, I was not expecting this, but I guess everybody needs to get away right, after everything that is going on,” said Jackie Ng, visiting from San Francisco. “I tried three or four times and we could not get any driver.”   “My phone has been spinning, spinning and spinning can’t find a ride,” added Kristen Pepler, visiting from Connecticut. “It keeps cancelling out telling us to try a new Uber; we downloaded Lyft we were able to get one but we had to spend more money.”…. [read full article]
  • Quartz:   Uber is seeking more workers who will work full time, a move that could change the definition of gig work.   The company is “targeting” drivers that it thinks will most likely contribute more hours, those “who will drive 20, 30, 40 hours a week,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said on a JPMorgan conference call with investors yesterday (May 25).   Khosrowshahi didn’t specify exactly how Uber will target drivers but it could include cash incentives, as the company announced last month a $250 million driver “stimulus”…. [read full article]
  • KDVR Denver:   Lyft and Uber rides are costing more and— depending on the time of travel— longer wait times are being reported. There’s currently more demand for fewer drivers, according to industry insiders.   “A little shocked, yes,” said an Uber passenger named David as he saw the cost of his ride home from Denver International Airport on Tuesday. David’s trip home from DIA jumped from his typical $35 to $70.   The issue is playing out nationwide. In the Denver area, it’s a double whammy that includes limited public transit. The perfect storm has people feeling trapped…. [read full article]
  • USA TODAY:   Danielle DiMartino Booth flew into Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in early May and ordered a ride from Lyft as soon as she landed.  The response: no drivers found. The Dallas executive, CEO of an investment research firm, kept hitting the Lyft app in search of a driver. No response. She started commiserating with a large group of fellow travelers in the steamy rideshare pick up area at the south Florida airport.   “We were all crowded in there, grumbling, mumbling, telling each other our stories: ‘How long have you been waiting? How long have you been waiting?’ ”…. [read full article]

Stay tuned for more updates! Team UberLyftDrivers.com

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