Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:     This week I have Jimmy Thompson on the podcast to discuss ALL THE RAGE that is, upfront “Tip Transparency” for gig workers using the DoorDash app (a.k.a. Dashers). Jimmy is part of Team Para that has brought the app to every for free!   Now everything is done through the app, no more texting required.   Join us to talk all things PARA & even our first take, alien version. Next week: Gig Worker Collective‘s Willy Solis to finish our discussion on ‘The PROAct’. Following week: Harry Campbell (TheRideshareGuy.com) and I will discuss ‘The Future Of Rideshare’. Rideshare Rodeo Podcast is presented by UberLyftDrivers.com

Thanks for listening! Please post questions and comments below UberLyftDrivers.com & RideshareRodeo.com

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