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  • NBC NEWS:    A boy has been taken into custody and three people remain at large after an Uber driver was shot during an attempted carjacking and died days later, police in Cicero, Illinois, said.    Joseph Schelstraete, 38, was driving his blue Ford Focus around 7:30 p.m. CT Monday when four males approached his vehicle at an intersection, according to authorities…. [read full article]
  • CURBED: The lockdown ended. The curfews were lifted. And just as New Yorkers started to peel off their masks and make their way back out into the world, they were confronted by a rather rude reopening reality. Ride-hailing prices are up — way up, by 50 percent or more over pre-pandemic rates. The shocking incongruity of Uber’s pricing in particular went viral when Sunny Madra, vice-president of Ford’s accelerator program, posted screenshots of a Wednesday morning ride from midtown Manhattan to JFK Airport that cost $248.90 — about as much as his flight to San Francisco…. [read full article]
  • Reuters:    Uber said the week of May 17th marked a new record for drivers returning to the road since the start of 2021, with active driver hours increasing 4.4% from the previous week.   Overall, Uber said 33,000 drivers joined its U.S. platform during the week of May 17th. Most of them had stopped working last year over health concerns and a lack of customers…. [read full article]
  • WTVB:    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Joe Biden intends to nominate David Weil, who has supported government crackdowns on the workforce models of gig-economy companies like Uber Technologies Inc, to run a U.S. Labor Department division overseeing gig worker rights.   Weil previously served as top wage regulator in former President Barack Obama’s administration from 2014 to 2017. A hallmark of his tenure was spearheading investigations into companies’ use of independent contractors.   If nominated and confirmed, he will return to his position at the department’s Wage & Hour unit, which investigates whether gig workers are misclassified as independent contractors and thus missing out on benefits that employees are entitled to such as overtime and the minimum wage…. [read full article]
  • EdinBurghLIVE:   Over 50 Edinburgh restaurant owners, fed up of paying commission rates of up to 35% to delivery services, have teamed up with a new takeaway delivery platform to drive business directly to their door and form a united front against third-party delivery companies like Deliveroo, Just Eat and UberEats.   During the coronavirus pandemic, takeaway food has become more popular than ever with even the most high-end restaurants joining the scene in a bid to continue to create business during lockdown.   However, most consumers are unaware when they order from their favourite local restaurant through one of the big apps that a third of their money is siphoned off to cover fees…. [read full article]

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