Wrapping up the week~~~~>   Uber driver killed in NYC by drunk driver, even Hawaii is seeing higher Uber prices, Rideshare companies are still not seeing drivers come back (they won’t until they make it so drivers can earn again), Prepare to pay even more for Uber and Lyft rides, 6 gig platforms outside of the normal ones that come to mind…. see articles below:
  • Uber Driver Killed in NYC Overnight in Crash With Alleged Drunk Driver:   Police say an Uber driver died overnight in Queens after a drunk driver caused a serious crash and sent the rideshare vehicle through a brick wall.   Gas station video shows the moment the driver of a Ford Explorer shoots across Eliot Avenue in Maspeth around 3:50 a.m. and t-bones the Uber.   The force of the impact sent the Uber driver and vehicle through a nearby brick wall. Police said the 47-year-old driver was pronounced dead at the hospital. …. [read full article]
  • Honolulu not spared by Rideshare driver shortage, residents getting creative:    Wednesday at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, some arriving passengers reported waiting more than an hour for their Lyft or Uber to arrive.   “We finally found [a ride] with Uber after a good 45 minutes, we’re paying $120 just to get to Waikiki,” Cody Johnson told KITV4. Johnson and his wife are visiting from Reno, Nevada.   Marvin Moses and his family, Houston, Texas residents, were waiting for more than an hour with no signs of hope for a ride home, saying their shuttle left before their luggage arrived and buses wouldn’t let them on with luggage…. [read full article]
  • Rideshare Services Like Lyft, Uber Struggle To Get Drivers Behind The Wheel:   Rideshare Apps are desperate for drivers. The pandemic has slowed travel so much that companies like Uber and Lyft are struggling to get workers behind the wheel and customers in the cars.   Avid adventurer Ricky Reed finds himself at Sacramento International Airport often. He typically uses a rideshare app to get from the airport to Elk Grove…. [read full article]
  • Prepare to Pay More for Uber and Lyft Rides:   A few weeks after receiving the second dose of a coronavirus vaccine, Debora Lima returned to an old routine: She pulled out her phone and requested an Uber ride so she could meet friends for dinner.   But instead of getting a ride within five minutes as she had expected, Uber surprised Ms. Lima with a 19-minute wait and a pricey fare. It wasn’t a one-time glitch. Ms. Lima, a 28-year-old Miami resident, used to plan on spending $100 a month for frequent Uber trips. Just two recent rides ate through half of her monthly budget…. [read full article]
  • Looking for a job or make some extra cash? Here are the top 6 platforms for finding your next gig:   It’s no secret that we are living in a world of side hustles, main hustles, part-time work and multiple jobs. In fact, the so-called “gig economy” grew enormously during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Forbes, now almost 60 million Americans participate in some way in the gig economy.   That said, making your living as a gig contractor requires a lot of self-motivation and perseverance. Even though you don’t technically have a boss to answer to (except yourself), there are plenty of other challenges that come with being a part of the gig economy.   The biggest one? Finding gigs…. [read full article]

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