Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:     This week I have Lenny Sanchez on the show.   Lenny is the founding member of the Chicago chapter of Independent Drivers Guild (IDG) Chicago, he also has been kind enough to provide his cell number and email to rideshare drivers who have questions, comments, or concerns on any of the topics we discussed.   This week we covered:   Driver Safety, Carjackings, Legal recourse regarding disputing being kicked off app-based gig platforms, and much more.    STAY OUT THERE EVERYONE, PEACE! You can email IDG at: info@driversguild.org Make sure to check out our friends at The Gig Economy Podcast


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2 thoughts on “Talking With Lenny Sanchez (Independent Drivers Guild)

  1. You should contact LegalRideshare.com — they will give you a free consult.

  2. Adrian Ayon says:

    Hey I’m reaching out to you guys from Boise where I have been sexually assaulted, wrongfully accused of theft, trying to get with someone and drinking and driving cos I wouldn’t go out with the woman. I have been deactivated from. Uber Lyft and roadie I would love to get in your fight with these people right now I’m homeless sitting at my storage unit in my old 1989 Chevy in the mountains in Idaho my life changed drastically over people doing false accusations and on top of it all unreported the sexual assault to Lyft and they did nothing but push another ride on me.

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