BEND, OREGON, UNITED STATES — Ten years from now, adults will be telling children about the “old days” of employment. 9-to-5, Monday through Friday, office jobs are an antiquated idea ready to be placed on the shelf next to fax machines and dot matrix printers. The US is rapidly becoming one big “gig”. Today, 57.3 million people freelance in America. In five years, the number of freelancers will grow to 86.5 million. In less than ten years, freelancers will make up an estimated 80% of the workforce.

Everyone is on board with the Gig Economy, too. Nearly 58% of US businesses employ gig workers. No PTO, insurance, or employment taxes offer huge cost savings. At the same time, gig workers prefer the freedom and flexibility freelancing provides. 76% of gig workers won’t be returning to full time employment. But the gig life is not without its problems.

“Ask any software developer, blogger, real estate agent, or home health provider what’s the biggest problem with self-employment?” said Ken York, “They’ll all tell you the same thing: Access to benefits.”

According to Todd Hall, the owner of Benefits Plus, 99% of the gig economy do not qualify for healthcare benefits. Benefits like, accident insurance, telemedicine, pharmaceuticals, dental, vision, and even cancer insurance.

“It’s not the benefit companies’ fault,” said York, “they’re engineered to work with employers. They require payroll deductions and HR systems to deliver benefits packages. The great news is benefits providers want to catch up with gig economy. They just need a little help.”

A breakthrough benefits package for the gig economy, according to York, is something his team at LifeExec has been building. York’s company, LifeExec, is a life management web application made up of a community of individuals and small business owners. The team at LifeExec works with benefits providers to deliver large business benefits to freelance workers via its web-based community.

LifeExec’s new LifeExec Advantage Health benefits program is a collection of high-value benefits that includes Telemedicine, Vision, Dental, Pharmaceuticals, Alternative Medicine, Labs, MRI and CT scans, Diabetic Supplies, Medical Equipment, and more.

“The goal with LifeExec Advantage Health was to create the perfect comprehensive healthcare benefits package for all gig workers. It has to work for everyone: Single parents, households, 20 somethings, and semi-retired freelancers,” said York.

LifeExec Advantage Health benefits program has no restrictions for age or preexisting medical conditions. Program benefits are available to the member, their spouse, and their children (under age 26). The cost of LifeExec Advantage Health is only $24.95 a month.

“Each of the health benefits programs are established, nationwide providers, used by millions of people,” said York, “LifeExec Advantage Health is a breakthrough in benefits for all, but this is just the beginning,” said York, “there’s much more to come.”

The LifeExec Advantage Health benefits program officially launches in September 2021. To save the date and access LifeExec’s healthcare benefits visit:

*By Kenneth York, EIN Presswire*

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