Here is some news rounded up heading into the weekend:

  • [Rideshare Rodeo Podcast]:   The next 3 Friday nights there will be bonus episodes released at 4pm MST.   Tonight’s episode, I have a 5+ year rideshare driver from Philadelphia on to discuss how earnings have been higher than they were 2 years ago… (
  • [Entre Courier]:  Why was Prop 22 Overturned? The Judge’s Reasons May Surprise You(read article)
  • [Business Insider]:   Liudmila Valladares, an Uber driver from Miami, was attacked last week while picking up a passenger outside of Mount Sinai Medical Center, Local 10 News first reported.   She was left with a large purple bruise beneath her right eye, where police say the 19-year-old accused of the attack hit Valladares before pushing her out of the car and stealing the vehicle… (read entire article)
  • [BBC]:  Uber and union bosses to meet after landmark deal on workers’ rights… (read entire article)
  • [7News Miami]:   An Uber driver said he is thankful to be alive after one of his customers shot at his vehicle during a dropoff in Lauderhill.   The shooting happened along Northwest 49th Avenue and 24th Court at around 2 a.m., Thursday.   “I’m grateful that I’m still alive,” said the victim, Jorge Tanchez.   Tanchez said he picked up the subject in Fort Lauderdale… (read entire article)
  • [Entrepreneur]:   When Will Lyft Be Profitable?   In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the ride-hailing industry as it did to many others. With restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues closed, demand was minimal. Although Lyft performed better than analysts feared, it still lost a whopping $2.66 per share.   Lyft’s bottom-line performance in the first quarter of this year was actually worse than in 2020 amid increased spending but still tepid demand. Things looked significantly better in the second quarter. The company posted a narrower than expected loss of $0.05 as it was able to rein in costs and benefit from higher rider volumes… (read entire article)
  • [NBC10 Philadelphia]:   Both a Lyft driver and an Uber driver were injured in two separate shootings in Philadelphia on Wednesday.   A 20-year old passenger has just hopped into the car of a 46-year-old Lyft driver along the 100 block of North 63rd Street in West Philadelphia around 5:10 p.m. when a gunman opened fire from another car.   The Lyft driver was shot in the right thigh while the passenger was shot in the foot. Both men were taken to the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center and were listed in stable condition.   There were numerous bullet holes in the passenger side of the Lyft driver’s car. The shooter appeared to be in a blue or black car, Philadelphia police said.   The second shooting occurred along the 1700 block of North Taney Street near Cecil B. Moore Avenue in North Philadelphia around 6:45 p.m. A 44-year-old Uber driver was driving when… (read entire article)
  • [BBC]:   Dozens of cab drivers have protested in Oxford over Uber’s new taxi service.   Customers of the ride-hailing giant – which does not have a licence to operate in Oxford – can now use the app to order cabs from a local firm.    But other companies opposed to Uber’s arrival say it will be “catastrophic” for local operators.   Uber said it was proud of connecting riders with local cab firms in towns and cities it does not operate in.    People with the Uber app through their Local Cab trial can now book a trip with 001 Taxis Oxford whose drivers are licensed in the city… (read entire article)
  • [The Guardian]:   Felipe Martinez began working full-time as an Uber driver in the Boston, Massachusetts, area in late 2017. He enjoyed the flexibility, being able to work nights while spending days with his children and focusing on his family, but then Uber began unilaterally implementing changes that he says progressively worsened over time.   “You start thinking they’re just glitches on the app,” said Martinez, 51, who cited changes such as not being given the rides closest to you, and the removal of unlimited destination filters – which give drivers more ability to set their routes. “Little by little, they started changing the unlimited destination filters and saying that people were abusing them.”… (read entire article)
  • [Business Insider]:   New York City taxis are coming to dethrone Uber and Lyft from e-hailing dominance.   Cabs hailed through Curb, a mobile app hailing cabs and paying fares, saw a whopping 152% increase between April and July 2021 in NYC, and monthly average downloads off the app are up 70% this year compared to 2018, according to Curb data reviewed by Insider… (read entire article)

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