Uber Lyft Drivers and Gig Economy Workers Weekly News & Interviews:   This week I have Matt Lafferty the CEO/Founder of Curri, the last mile delivery service. Matt and I discuss:
  • Pro’s of being a Curri driver
  • Can be done in ALL vehicle sizes
  • Loading done at pickup by location
  • Unloading done at drop off by client
  • Getting big in all NFL cities, and beyond
  • Pay rate can range from $15-$35+
  • Difference between ‘Hot Shot’ and ‘Route’ drivers
  • Completely B2B (PERK: no passengers or food in your vehicle)
  • Sign up to drive for Curri using this link and get some SWAG too for FREE: Start Driving For Curri Now!
I will be working the Curri platform over the next several weeks and report back on each weeks podcast.  We will also be having a few Curri drivers from different markets and using different types of vehicles, on the podcast late October… so STAY TUNED! Ready… Set… Rodeo!!!!! Curri Links: Sponsored by Curri (( Drive for Curri ))

4 thoughts on “Curri Driver App: Lets discuss it with CEO/Founder Matt Lafferty

  1. Ignoot Billy says:

    SJ, I signed up via your link 4 days ago. I had sign up go to dead white page signing up via iPhone, three times. i finally used wife’s Android and signed up, that worked. Then downloaded app on iPhone, logged in, and seems to be working as I am in “Active” mode. Wanted to let you know that about iPhone issue so you can let Curri know.

    I sent your link to driver friend with iPhone and same problem. Hope this is helpful. ThanX SJ👍🏼

  2. Paul Fenneck says:

    Signed up with podcast referral link. So far so good. Good pay deliveries. Thank you SJ.

  3. Matty P. says:

    Curri takes your social security and banking info during the application process but you can drive the minute you are done filing it out you can drive. Why did they need my SS#? Why do I need to enter banking info before I have done any work for them. These gig apps should only take name and email to look at and use the app. If they are not doing background checks they don’t need so much info. Until I take my first gig they do not need my banking info. Can you please ask them why all this is required? Many thanks!

    Matty P. (Los Angeles)

  4. Scott Prock says:

    I signed up for Curri with your referral link. Love the podcast.

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