[Bonus Weekend Episode] Uber Lyft Drivers and Gig Economy Workers Weekly News & Interviews:   Tonight on this weekend bonus episode I have Ed Van Ness.   Ed, drove a taxi for over 20 years.   I have been looking for the right person to help walk me through the Taxi Medallion situation specific to New York City for a long time.   Lucky for me I met Ed, and we discussed the history of the NYC Taxi Medallion’s.      Ed, also has a radio show/podcast every Sunday morning (see links below).   It’s different, but a very interesting episode.   Enjoy this Friday bonus podcast thanks to our sponsors Curri (see link below). Ed Van Ness Links: Twitter (Ed): @EdRadioTFI Twitter (Taxi Stand Hour): @TaxiStandHour Radio TFI website Ready… Set… Rodeo!!!!! Sponsored by Curri (( Drive for Curri )) I will be working the Curri platform over the next several weeks and report back on each weeks podcast.  We will also be having a few Curri drivers from different markets and using different types of vehicles, on the podcast late October… so STAY TUNED! Ready… Set… Rodeo!!!!! Curri Links:

Y’all be safe out there, and be good to each other! See you back here next week on the Rideshare Rodeo Podcast


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