Uber Lyft Drivers and Gig Economy Workers Weekly News & Interviews:   This week I have David Pickerell, CEO/Founder of Para.   David and I have been working together since March 2020, even if you are familiar with the work we did at Para re: DoorDash Tip Transparency… you most likely don’t know the other projects we have done together, this path that led to Para, and were is Para going next?  Luckily, we are going to tell all today!


  1. PUA is OVER!
  2. Jobs are paying between $15-$20/hour, gonna take some real changes in everyones method of employement and pay models… especially the On-demand App-based gig platforms.
  3. Uber’s $250million camaign was completely wasted money, now its gone, how will the rideshare giants bring drivers back.
  4. Rideshare companies and natural disasters:  why do you get a FREE Uber ride from a Flood Zone right now, but in South Lake Tahoe rideshare Fire Evacuees are not only charging but surging!Sponsored by Curri (( Drive for Curri ))

David Pickerell:

  • David is back Tan, Rested, and Ready!
  • How David and I started working together

Autonomy/UberLyftDrivers/Rideshare Rodeo Projects:

  • PUA/UI/PPP calculator
  • Getting gig workers their in depth data
  • Tracking mileage from your trip history
  • Applying to gig based platforms in one submission

Para/Rideshare Rodeo Projects:

  • Gig Work Transparency
  • DoorDash Tip Transparency
  • GrubHub mileage Transparency


*you’ll have to listen to hear whats coming*

Ready… Set… Rodeo!!!!!

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Sponsored by Curri (( Drive for Curri ))

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