Uber Lyft Drivers and Gig Economy Workers Weekly News & Interviews: This week I have Jason Tieri from the Gig Economy Podcast on the show… always fun having Jason on!   This week we discuss:

  • Jason getting ready to get back working in gig economy
  • My crazy CURRi story from the mountains of Durango
  • “Uber says its on track to make a FAKE profit”
  • DoorDash Alcohol Delivery
  • Gig Worker Abuse in the Wild West United Kingdom
  • Lyft Driver Shortage, and what can be done?
  • Instacart gig workers say “DELETE THE APP”

Ready… Set… Rodeo!!!!!

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One thought on “Uber Fake Profits, DD Alcohol Delivery, Lyft Who?

  1. Arizona Jim says:

    This podcast keeps getting better. Great work. Keep it up.

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