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This week I have CEO/Founder of Middleton Technologies, Gary Middleton.  We discuss his 3 apps that help Gig workers be more productive with their time and in selecting the trips and deliveries they want.  Some of the topics we covered:

  • Gary’s background, how and why he started the Maxymo app 7 years ago.
  • Which came first, Maxymo or the original Mystro?
  • Discuss the differences of getting apps on Android/GooglePlay vs. Apple/iOS.
  • We discuss the 3 different apps Gary has created: 1) Maxymo: Helps rideshare & delivery drivers become safer drivers by auto-switching between apps, auto-accepting only the trips they want & auto-declining unprofitable trips. The more services you drive for, the more trips you can get, which equals less downtime and more money. 2) DUH (Drivers Utility Hub): The Drivers Utility Helper app is designed to assist independent contractors that are already signed up for doordash be safer drivers & more proficient while on delivery. Keep your focus on driving & delivering, less on watching your phone for orders. 3) Flex Alert: Do you deliver for Amazon Flex? Well then you know the hassle of tapping the screen for hours on end just to see if there is a block available. Flex Alert helps take away this task with automated tapping, sound alerts and notifications to let you know when a block has appeared. Now you can focus on other task or earn on other gigs while you wait for a block to drop. Did we mention it is free?

Ready… Set… Rodeo!!!!!

Rideshare Rodeo is sponsored by Curri.com Drive for Curri: https://drivecurri.app.link/fom2uFMcCib

Middleton Technologies link:
*you can find the links to all 3 apps from the website, or in the GooglePlay store*

Curri Links:

Website: https://www.curri.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/curri

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teamcurri/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/18756359

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