Uber Lyft Drivers and Gig Economy Workers Weekly News & Interviews:   Today I have 4 Curri Drivers on to discuss the platform and what drivers can expect when working on the app. Thanks to my Roundtable panel:   Markiss (Seattle), Ed (New Jersey), Mac (Portland), and Millard (Connecticut).

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • Being A Curri Route Driver: Great Pay & Not Your vehicle.
  • From Full Pick-Up Trucks-To-Trailers To Any Size Vehicle.
  • All Gig Economy Workers Should Be Using Curri Platform & Why.
  • Even Though Market To Market Pay Differs All Markets Pay Great.
  • Tips From Curri Drivers For New Workers To The Platform.
  • Curri Support: Fast, Efficient, & Located In The U.S.
  • Mapping Some Deliveries With Apple Maps.
  • Curri Is The Best Paying App For Gig Workers Time.
  • The 30 Second Wait Time & Understanding It.
  • Making The Most Out Of Curri Hot Shot Runs.
  • $300 order!  $1,200 order!!!
  • Hot Shot, Long Shot, Long Haul and understanding them.
  • Pick-up, Drop-off, hands free on handling payload.
  • Unanimous From Tonight’s Panel: You can NOT get paid more on any other Gig platform than you will on Curri.

Ready… Set… Rodeo!!!!!

Rideshare Rodeo is sponsored by Curri.com Drive for Curri: https://drivecurri.app.link/fom2uFMcCib

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Website: https://www.curri.com/

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/18756359

Drive For Curri: https://drivecurri.app.link/fom2uFMcCib

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