Uber might compensate for driver shortages by reviving an old feature. The New York Post reports Uber has lobbied the chief of New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission on the “potential” of dispatching the area’s legendary yellow taxis. The details of the lobbying weren’t revealed in the public disclosure, but the description suggested you would hail a taxi from the Uber app like you could in the company’s earlier days.

We’ve asked Uber for comment, although it declined to speak to The Post. A TLC spokesperson shied away from discussing details, saying only that the Commission “meets frequently” with licensees to explore ideas and that it was focused on relief efforts for drivers struggling with taxi medallion debt.

Yellow cab hailing might seem an unusual choice for a company that has routinely clashed with the taxi industry and is frequently blamed for gutting NYC’s cab demand. Uber would likely have to rethink its commissions to compensate taxi drivers who pay steep costs to operate in the city, and it could still face political opposition given its history.

Even so, it’s easy to see why Uber might consider offering NYC taxis. The revival would increase the chances of passengers scoring some kind of ride through the Uber app, even if there aren’t enough ridesharing drivers to go around. That could keep New Yorkers using the Uber app and increase the chances they’ll use the company’s more familiar options.

*By J. Fingas, Engadget*


It’s a sad day when if this happens.   First, this is a band aid fix for Uber’s short term problem, once they get past the shortage they will do nothing for the taxi drivers.   Second, it is SHOCKING to me that Yellow Cab never created a universal app, that would have so many of the taxi issues that related to Uber coming on the scene a decade ago.  Finally, if there is a temporary relationship between Yellow Cab and Uber, at its conclusion Uber will offer pennies on the dollar to keep cab services on their platform.

Conclusion:   Uber is looking to now dominate the cab industry by using its drivers to fill the driver shortage.   During that time Uber will gain logistics and create/integrate a taxi option available on their platform.    The taxi industry was beaten down before Uber came on the scene, any alliance at this point with Uber would be the end of Yellow Cab!

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    Agree with the breakdown thank you.

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    SJ hope you keep your opinions coming on these articles, these are great!

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    Love the “My Take On This”

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