This week on the podcast I have Sergio Avedian. Sergio is a 6+ year veteran Rideshare Driver in Los Angeles. Sergio is also the lead Rideshare contributor at The Rideshare Guy. In this interview we dive into many aspects of Rideshare, as you would expect from two veteran Rideshare Drivers. Including, why now is a great time for Rideshare in many markets and set your earnings goals high when it comes to valuing your time properly. Join us for an interesting look into two Rideshare Drivers minds… and how we view the ‘Rideshare Space’ at this time.

Some topics we covered:

Sergio met Harry (The Rideshare Guy).
How gig companies play the media.
Like myself, Sergio is a driver advocate.
Onboarding to Uber 6 years ago.
Current rideshare driver rate cards.
Driving SMART!!
Current STATE of California Prop22 benefits(?).
Driver Strategies.
Uber does 15 million rides a day globally.
My Lyft “driver coach”, Ha!
Setting earnings goals.
1.35 million DoorDashers in this country.
Crazy Rideshare Algorithmic Dispatch System.
$50+/hour on average hustling in L.A.
NOW is the time to make money in rideshare.
Did the pandemic save Uber?
Flex time is a must to make money.
PUA ending did NOT bring back drivers.
Rideshare giants playing a dangerous game in unknown territory.
A window of ‘Potential Profitability’.
Airport staging lot scandals.
Don’t ever expect the rideshare companies to help you, only YOU help YOU!


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