Today I have Ellen Jones, DeliveringWithEllen, on the show. Ellen is a on-demand delivery driver who lives in Henderson, Nevada. In our interview we discuss many different topics, of course including her experiences on the delivery apps, but we also get into the life behind the scenes of Independent Contractors. Ellen has worked all 4 of the major delivery platforms: starting with Postmates, then DoorDash, then UberEats, and just recently GrubHub.

Here are some of the topics we discuss:

1) Ellen’s entry into the delivery space.

2) Being a teacher during the pandemic.

3) Balancing family, work, and fitting in Gig work.

4) Driver safety.

5) Key-wording videos to NOT be “click bait”.

6) Ellens way of approaching accepting orders, then asking viewers their thoughts on the orders she took.

7) Ride Along Videos.

8) Is Live Streaming in her future?

9) UberEats new EXTREME NO transparency method, what it is & why they did this.

10) Delivery slowing down in many markets.

11) Be on all the platforms you can.

12) Independent Contractor status a must.

13) Knowing your PERSONAL VALUE!

14) Back to teaching, but still a weekend warrior on Delivery platforms.

15) Right now is a time you can land jobs you have only thought of before. & more…. join us for the conversation!


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