Today I have Tim Carter on the podcast. Tim is a rideshare driver for both Uber and Lyft in the Portland market. The past year plus, he has encountered some of the more crazy rideshare driver stories, and we are going to discuss them here today. This is a piece I think ALL gig workers need to watch, especially rolling into the holidays, which can be very difficult on many people and on many different levels.

Tim and I touch on a lot in this piece, the biggest topics being:

1) Safety Aspects Surrounding Uber & Lyft.

2) Uber & Lyft Customer Service, and what does it really do?

3) Some Scary Driver Scenarios He Has Dealt With In Portland.

4) Uber & Lyft’s Algorithm Manipulation vs. What Is Best For Each Driver.


We All Need To Be Fighting For Transparency, This Is The ONLY Way To Fix The Broken State Of Rideshare. *This is an important interview to watch, especially being in the holiday season! So watch the video, take safety super seriously always but especially this time of year. Please leave any questions, comments, concerns you might have in the comments section of this video. Happy Holidays Everyone! Be Safe Out There! & Make it safe for others! *********************************************************

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