Welcome to a special week of Rideshare Rodeo podcast.   This week Harry Campbell (The Rideshare Guy), Jason Tieri (Gig Economy Podcast), and mE (Rideshare Rodeo) discuss the Rideshare Space currently as well as moving forward into this new year.

Before the roundtable on this weeks podcast, I talk about the comments made by Uber CEO Dara, and what I believe is important take aways from these comments.   Also, I talk about Rideshare Drivers taking ‘Minors’.  This problem was not present during the pandemic, we can NOT let it return!


Check out The Rideshare Guy:


Check out Gig Economy Podcast: https://www.gigeconomy-podcast.com

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One thought on “Rideshare Roundtable: Rodeo, Rideshare Guy, Gig Economy Podcast

  1. Frank McGeehee says:

    Great collab!

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