Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has issued an apology—and $10 off—for peoples’ furry friends after a recent Uber Eats commercial caused some dogs to become overexcited.

In the ads, which are part of Uber Eats’ “Tonight I’ll Be Eating” campaign, a doorbell rings every time an Uber Eats delivery is made. The sound has apparently caused some owners’ dogs to get a bit too excited about fictional food deliveries, and some owners voiced their concerns online.

“Hey @UberEats there is absolutely no reason to put a doorbell in your commercial with Luke and Jean-Luc. Sincerely, Dog Owners,” tweeted ESPN writer Greg Wyshynski.

In the comments of Wyshynski’s tweet, other dog owners wrote that “our dog goes crazy to every time that doorbell goes off. I tried to reach for the mute button but sometimes I’m not fast enough.” Others asked Uber to “please get rid of the door bell in the adverts,” for reasons including affecting dog training and anxiety.

Uber Support’s Twitter account replied in the comments, telling people to follow the support page to be helped.

In the video, which has a lighthearted tone, Khosrowshahi says that “it was never our intention to stress out your pups, I sincerely apologize.”

As a gift following the apology, Uber Eats is offering $10 to customers to buy pet supplies in the Uber Pet Supplies hub using the code LOKI, which is a reference to the name of Khosrowshahi’s dog. The announcement came with Uber’s donation of $50,000 to the ASPCA for local shelters as part of the “Betty White Challenge.”

The challenge asks people to donate to their local pet shelters, honoring White’s advocacy for animal adoption.

*By Jade Yan, AdAge*

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