Talk about a white-knuckle ride.

A woman named Kiara narrowly got away with her life after being trapped in a car for more than an hour with an “unstable” Uber driver who confessed to previously being jailed for choking his girlfriend. To make matters dramatically worse, the driver proceeded to pick up his girlfriend in the middle of her trip.

“Last night I took an Uber alone and it was the scariest experience ever!,” penned Kiara, 27, in the caption of her trending TikTok testimonial, which has fetched over 425,000 views.

In the viral video, a seemingly unnerved Kiara, from Southern California, records herself taking deep breaths and nervously laughing in the backseat of a car while a man — presumably the Uber driver — is heard ranting about his “reckless” girlfriend, off-camera.

“She’s an alcoholic, she drinks too much,” the unnamed chauffeur griped, adding that he once served in the Air Force and felt morally obligated to stay with his labile lady love for fear she’d “commit suicide” if they broke up.

“She got me kicked out of the apartment. She’s got a restraining order on me, and we’re still together,” the man added of his partner. “She’s a reckless person. She brings out the bad boy in me.”

Kiara — who was taking the harrowing 35-mile ride from the Inland Empire region of SoCal to Anaheim in Orange County for dinner with her boyfriend — wrote that her unhinged Uber usher, “said he went to jail for choking [his girlfriend],” in the closed captions of her clip.

“I felt extremely unsafe and afraid that if I tried to get out of the Uber or cancel the ride it would make things worse,” she added in the text. “I tried my best to stay calm and nice to not escalate the situation but you can hear the nervousness in my voice and see how heavy I was breathing.”

The driver then made a 15-minute stop at an apartment complex to pick up his girlfriend to join Kiara’s ride. And while waiting for his woman to hop in the car, the unabashed Uber driver asks Kiara where she’s going to dinner, and invites himself and his partner on her date at the restaurant.

“Where are you guys eating at?,” he said. Kiara told him she wasn’t sure.

“We might have to eat down there with you,” the creepy cabbie continued. “Because she wanted to go out and do something.”

In a video update shared the next day, Kiara assured her more than 3,000 followers that she’d escaped the cringe-worthy car ride unscathed.

“It was really scary,” she said. “I woke up this morning with a lot of anxiety still shaken by the whole situation.”

She went on to explain why she decided to share her heart-stopping story on social media.

“I posted this because I think it’s important for other women, who maybe have never experienced something like this, to be aware that this is a situation that could happen and understand hope to handle the situation to keep yourself safe,” said Kiara.

She reported the incident to Uber, and claimed the ride-share behemoth issued her a full refund and guaranteed that she’d never be “matched” with that driver again. The company also allowed her to leave a brief review of her traumatic trip on their website.

“But to be honest, I feel like that’s not enough,” Kiara insisted. “He had a 4.8 star rating … And he told me he’s had to pick up his girlfriend while he was Ubering before, so this wasn’t the first time that that happened.”

In a statement to The Post, a spokesperson for Uber said: “The concerning behavior the rider describes is against Uber’s Community Guidelines. We’ve removed the driver’s access to the app while we look into this incident.”

The representative also emphasized the car service giant’s policy against drivers hosting extra riders in their vehicles during paid trips, and said that it has launched an investigation into Kiara’s unfortunate matter.

In her video, Kiara admits that Uber sent her a security alert during her ride “from hell” once its navigation system detected the driver had gone off course for the 15 minutes he waited for his girlfriend to hop in the car.

But she chose not to respond to the alert, fearing the alarm notification might enrage the mad man behind the wheel.

“My anxiety was so high… And my safety was in his hands, so I thought for myself that the best situation was for me to just stay calm and be kind,” Kiara said. “[And I hoped] he would just get me to my location and everything would be fine.”

*By Asia Grace, New York Post*

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