A small Twitch streaming group has created an Uber simulator that’s entirely directed by the stream chat, and it’s hilarious to observe as viewers control the radio and eject passengers out of the car.

The world of live streaming continues to evolve as streamers innovate with unusual ideas that are unquestionably refreshing to watch – especially so when they’re interactive.

One of the most impressive streams we’ve seen in recent times was from Twitch streamer Jerma985, who brought The Sims to real life with his three-day-long IRL Dollhouse stream as the chat could dictate everything that happened.

Now, one streaming group has created an Uber simulator that’s all controlled by viewers – and they can even “eject” the passengers out of the car as well as control the radio.

Twitch streamers the EverythingNowShow have raised the bar when it comes to innovative content on the Amazon-owned streaming platform. In their live streams, the audience is completely in control of their “Uber Simulator” and it makes for some hilarious moments.

With “questionable passengers” coming in and out of the show all stream, the chat is able to suddenly “eject” them out of the car, and the show goes on like nothing even happened.

Arguably it’s the most impressive part of the stream. With viewers being able to shift the outcome of the stream at any moment, the wacky comedy show is mostly all improvised, and it’s absolutely hilarious to watch.

Viewers, of course, absolutely love the show, and were amazed by its creativity: “That’s actually pretty creative,” said one. “That looks fire. I’d like to watch that,” another added.

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most creative streams we’ve seen on Twitch, and we can only hope we begin to see more interactive shows like this.

*By Shay Robson, DEXERTO*

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